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Pure Fiji
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The Most Divine Products!
Welcome to the Pure Fiji experience. Our products represent the lifestyle in the Pacific. Pristine environment, a bounty of fresh and natural ingredients, and traditions that have been in place for centuries - all utilised in a healthy way of living that comes so integrated in our culture. We would feel it impossible to maintain the enthusiasm we have for our product range, were we not convinced and assured that our product was of good quality.... but more than that - something special. A unique product, bringing a timeless secret of well being and health to our customers.
Exotic Oils, Sugar Scrubs, Body Butter, Body Lotion, Soaps and Gift Packs ! 
All fragrances are now available !
Talk with me and try these exotic products with me today !
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Ms Tique - Holistic Counsellor & Wellness Warrior
Ms Tique - Empowerment & Personal Development Coach
Ms Tique Intuitive/Spiritual Healer
Ms Tique Psychic Medium
Mystical Ms Tique Live TV
Ms TIque Psychotherapist
Ms Tique Crystal Facial Massage Wands!
Now Available!
Choose your favourite crystal!
Feel the healing properties, see the benefits you will achieve from using !
  • Firms skin.

  • Reduces wrinkles.

  • Energizes, rejuvenates, and de-stress skin.

  • Gives a youthful appearance.

  • The skin radiates with a natural glow.

  • Hydrates skin and gives off dewy effects.

  • Balances nervous energy, and reduces acne and breakout caused as a result of it.

Prices vary!
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Exciting News !
Ms Tique and Mariana Jewellery are now affiliated !
"Affordable Luxury"
Loved all around the world this beautiful and exquisite
jewellery range made with Swarovski crystals is now just a click away!
Hand made and with a life time guarantee!
Start your amazing journey today!
Grab your 10% discount on all orders at the checkout using code "MsTique"

Any enquiries on all products please do not hesitate to contact me for a private chat about your requirements and help with your journey in life !

I am here to help you !

Much love.........

Ms Tique x

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