"Unique Ms Tique !"
Rob Stirling - Sydney
Testimonial: February 25, 2021

Robyn (Ms Tique), you are the most amazing human I've ever met. I look up to you, adore you, admire your accomplishments in a hard life. You've come out the other side Robbie, and I can only say you inspired me to get help and to continue on.

I love you deeply 💕💕💕

Rob Stirling - Budgewoi - NSW

Testimonial: January 12, 2021
Good morning Ms Tique, I would like to take a moment of your time to say “Thank you” for all that you are and all that you do.
I had no idea when I was visiting the Northern Beaches that I would be going to see a Psychic. In fact, as you now know I was there to visit my family to say my “Final goodbye’s”
I would like to commend you in the highest degree of being able to change my way of thinking and help me to view and understand my life in such a different way.
I have been thinking for years that I am such a weak person but you did not see that.
I booked in to see you for a 30 minute session, yet I was in Orr of your presence for 3 hours and you did not even ask for a penny more.
I have had 5 major cancer’s in 8 almost 9 years and after numerous surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation I have had enough. I could not go on. I just had nothing left in the tank and feel that I am just a burden in everyone’s lives. I am seeing my oncologist this week and was going to ask if I could go elsewhere and end my life.
I cannot stop thinking about you and how you handled my situation and how you took a stranger under your wing and spent so much time with me to get me to see firstly that I am not weak, in fact (your words), a force to be reckoned with and an amazing warrior to fight off all my cancer’s where in fact majority of people pass away with just having 1 of the ones I have had.
You took every one of my sentence’s of self pity and despair and found a positive in all that I was saying and I am only here today because of you and your incredible wisdom you bring through and what you have brought to my life in a short period of time.
I have seen many professionals in my life that have been referred by my doctors or social workers and no disrespect to them, but you Ms Tique changed my entire world in 1 afternoon.
For that I will be forever grateful and indebted to you.
I cannot imagine how you feel when you are thrown to the wolves as you were with me.
Your insight, your compassion, your no bullshit attitude, your array of solutions, you ability to switch a train of though (not just for a fleeting moment) but completely where I was able to see my worth in a whole new light. Your connection with Spirit and your own Spirit guides is compelling, so precise and you really are a complete package of abundance to all.
I felt overwhelmed with a lot of raw emotion in my realisation that “I am worthy and it is worth being here” but nothing fazed you. Not a single person I know can be compared to you.
I have been to a few psychics throughout my days, some turn tarot cards over and tell me such basic things, like reading a fairy tale, others talk about finances and love coming into my life, but you Ms Tique are one truly amazingly talented lady in many walks of life. I am sure others may have said this previously to you, but I thank you so very much for giving me a real reason to live and the power I now feel with conquering my cancers and moving past all that self pity I have carried for years.
I was worried about seeing my specialist doctors this week, thinking “what’s next they are to do to me” but now I welcome what they are going to talk to me about and if its another challenge then so be it – I will do this, like I have done the ones behind me………..
I am sure you will go far in life, think about writing a book please – I would love to read it and everyday open a page and be grateful that I am here – have a TV or radio show where you can help others worldwide with your expertise, I would be happy to be an audience member and tell my tale to others. I will recommend you to others, regardless that I don’t live near you.
I was not meant to be in your area today, I was there for other reasons, yet now I know I was truly meant to cross paths with you and not to cross over!
YOU gave me my life back.
I am forever indebted to you.
You have an extraordinary way about you that you deliver with confidence, precision but you have the heart of a million angels.
Thank you……
Phillip – Camden – NSW 58 yrs (now young not old)

Testimonial: January 3, 2020

I had the pleasure of having my first reading with Ms Tique at the MBS Festival in October 2019 and at that time I was facing a very stressful situation with an impending outcome looming.

Ms Tique picked up on my situation immediately and was able to provide me with calming and intuitive insights into what was to come with this event and a glimpse beyond it which gave me great perspective and calmed my anxieties.

Ms Tique recommended l call her the night before my looming day to clear any negative energy that might be around me and so my next experience with Ms Tique was a phone reading the night before my stressful big day.
Ms Tique gave me her intuitive insights into what outcome l should expect as well as giving me a detailed depiction of how the entire day would unfold.

When my day came around not only were my nerves calmed being armed with Ms Tiques words of wisdom but her predictions of the events outcome and how the day would unfold were pin point accurate.
Her connection to spirit is evident in her accuracy and through her I have found my channel to the spirit world and divine guidance.

l would absolutely recommend anyone seeking guidance and or healing to share a moment with Ms Tique and allow her incredible connection to spirit guide and help you the way she has guided and helped me.

Thank you for arming me with words of divine wisdom when I most needed them.

I look forward to my next reading with you.
Natalie ~ Sydney xxx

Testimonials: Dec 30, 2019
I found my session with Ms Tique  so very helpful and clarifying - we not only covered the past, present and future, but I most importantly came away with solutions to clearing out old stuff in my psyche and ways to be cleaner and clearer and live in the now present moment . All invaluable and not what one learns at high school or university !!!
I cannot recommend a session with Ms Tique highly enough .
David Norman - Sydney -Hong Kong - Singapore - Aquarian Pearls .
Testimonial: December 20, 2019

I started my healing journey about 4 years ago.
I was all over the place and was lost with where to go. I was not in a very good place mentally and struggled with self doubt, disbelief and self esteem issues.
I was doing some crazy stuff with pretty much wrong people in my life!
I knew I needed and wanted some help but didn't really know where to go or how to start!

I then came across Ms Tique.
After my first reading with her, my tears were dried and I was told of my worth and I knew I had come to the right place! Ms Tique had no judgement of me and I was very truthful about what I was doing!
It was hard to divulge but I felt safe and I felt I knew she was the one to help me!

I felt the healing begin!

I left her office feeling full of love and positivity ready to start my new journey.
I have been through a lot and I am not saying that was easy but Ms Tique has expressed she is always here for me and she has!

I have seen her frequently over the years and she has helped me grow in ways I could not imagine.
She’s helped me heal from the inside out and I honestly would not be where I am today without her.
Not only has she seen into my future, she has the most unique messages from Spirit and at times informing me who I will meet on my holidays overseas, which did happen! Extraordinary gifts!

Her open, loving and kind energy is so easy to be around and to open up to.
She gives me reason to continue on my path, which was very dark in the beginning, but now I am a completely new me!
Loving me and being the best version of me!

Would highly recommend her for any kind of reading!

She is a very wise multi faceted woman.

Thank you for helping me through everything, so personal, so loving and I know I can always count on Ms Tique !

Much love, Hollie - Freshwater NSW

Testimonial: June 21, 2019
Ms Tique was so thorough & spot on. She said basically the same as higher priced Psychic mediums from around the world. Very easy to talk to & provided so much detail without me having to provide much info to her. She is gracious and just has a way of knowing what is going on in my life. I am so impressed with her abilities. Thank you for showing me the way.
Justine - Greece - UK
Testimonial: June 15, 2019
This one gave me goosebumps! Ms Tique jumped right into the reading and she almost immediately asked who the letter "B" was. I knew that had to be my brother Brian who had passed away. She was able to convey a lot of info about my brother -- many of which I could verify. Then she went into my career and picked up on a lot of the projects we are working on. She definitely has a true gift!
It's been a long while since anyone has been able to connect to my brother like that! Samantha - Canada - USA
Testimonial: March 2019
Ms Tique I want to thank you for our session on Sunday and I am sorry we went so much longer than planned but I have to say how impressed I was with you.
You talked about an issue that happened to me when I was a young child some 35 years ago and yet I have kept that to myself for most of my life - you blew me away with what you could see and show me! I was in Orr of how fabulous you are and how you deliver messages from spirit. I was overwhelmed with tears yet laughter when you connected with my dad and my dog! You knew what he wore at his funeral and you described the service to a tee! You just kept hitting the mark over and over again and I am so very grateful for your honesty and the power you have within! Our session was truly so bloody cool, and I will shout your name to the rooftop and recommend others to you! My session was jammed packed and I am going to be coming to you for a very long time. Please don't ever retire - you are too friggin awesome for that!
More than grateful !
Francesca - New York - USA
Testimonial: Nov 2018
If you want a reading that will leave you feeling uplifted & empowered Ms Tique is for you. Amazingly accurate & great sense of humour. Angela - Sydney-Australia

Testimonial: Aug 2018

Thanks to Ms Tique for her guidance. I was in a negative rut and needed a way out. Ms Tique's reading was truly a blessed gift. One prediction has already come true and I am following her advice knowing that I will also manifest the rest. Thank you for your guidance. Your work is truly a gift that needs to be shared.
Alanna  Xx - Sydney - Austalia

Testimonial: July 2018
A big thank you for the reading a few weeks ago - Ishka Warringah Mall
Hello Ms Tique It was a few weeks ago when I first met you for a psychic reading and combined energy healing session at Ishka Warringah Mall. I would love to share my testimonial with you, and I give you permission to use as you wish. Sorry I am not on FB, and therefore cannot post there. "After my session with you, and as you suggested I went out and brought a few crystals to take to the office with me. Putting a pyrite crystal inside my bra has done wonders in keeping me grounded and present in difficult and stressful situations while working at my consulting role, where I was unconsciously taking some negative energies home with me. From that point there was a client of theirs who sent a lovely e-mail about my service, and from that I was awarded a $50 bonus because of this e-mail. Today I've just been awarded another $200 in bonus money for my efforts, in addition to my hourly rate, and earnings being high - as the few hours overtime each week continues. And I am getting involved in more quality projects, and higher quality clients as a result. Additionally, I also had the confidence to talk about personal development and computer programming combined to a group of developers at a function, and my talk was received better than anticipated. My relationships with my partner, friends and family are also slightly more grounded, and I am attending more group exercise activities, social and personal development events. I am also looking forward to starting my studies next week, in learning the ropes on a new business I am about to start, as well as building on my coding/computer programming skills; and in improving my handwriting simultaneously. Thank you so much Ms Tique for being a caring facilitator of my healing, and for your generosity in your time and knowledge throughout our session. You're a beautiful soul, thank you ever so much. " Justine Crowley, Sydney City.
Testimonial: May 19, 2019
What a great reading! Ms Tique picked up my grandmother shortly after speaking with her. Then absolutely nailed the big assignement that I have been working on for years. The best part was how I felt. I am on the other side of the world and it was like she was right here with me. She is a true and genuine person who is sincere, straightforward and smart, with a brilliant sense of humor. I loved her and whenever I need help, I will call her.
Matthew - London
Testimonial: Jan 2018
"Thank You Ms Tique for your warm and uplifting reading and the positive way in which you communicate messages from spirit. I would recommend you to anybody for your insight, compassion and guidance. Love and Blessings to you Ms Tique". REG, Sydney, Australia.

Testimonial: May 2017

Seek sage advice from the wise one, Ms Tique, for her psychic powers are now at their peak.

Call upon her for a meaningful reading, your hunger for knowledge she soon will be feeding. She'll show you the path when the going is rough, her wisdom and insight are more than enough. She'll banish your fears when life seems too horrid, in a kaftan of silk and some jewels made by Orit !

Love from Kathryn Rae. - Melbourne - Vic

Testimonial: March 2017
"OMG Ms Tique how awesome are you. You allowed me to acknowledge so much and gave me a safe place to release. You are a natural and you are so so amazing at what you do! I have never felt as comfortable with you as I have with other psychic's/healers and I truly thank you for such an amazing evening which you with your extraordinary talents have helped me remove some old baggage I never realised I still carried deep inside of me. Thank you for bringing all that to the surface and helping me remove it all! Very powerful !!
As for your massage - girl you got some powerful hands and energy! Wow I have never had someone that can get into all the nooks and crannies (so to speak) and release so much built up tension, pain and then soothing like you can. You really know how to get rid of knots and make my body feel so bloody awesome! I awoke this morning feeling the best mentally and physically that I have done in many many years ! I will recommend you to everyone as I am blown away by your awesomeness and your kindness and how very gentle but powerful at the same time you are. I am so glad you are who you are! Thank you so much and I will become a regular client as I feel so friggin awesome !"
South Sydney - Australia

Testimonial: Feb 2017

Dear Ms Tique
I have been thinking of our discussion this afternoon and wanted to thank you so much for telling me the truth. I kept asking the Vet last night just exactly what was wrong with our precious puss, but he did not really answer my questions. He did give us some information but we presumed it was done by another cat. However, this didn't really make sense to us because we thought if it was another cat that attacked our cat why aren't there signs of external wounds. It makes sense that it was done by a human being. I just can't thank you enough for your support and caring.

I really am grateful and thankful for everything you do for me, my family and our cat. You are an amazing person and it would be a much better world if there were more people like you in it. Hope you are having a lovely evening.
Will keep in touch.
Sandy E - London - UK

Testimonial: Nov 2016

Thank you so much Ms Tique for a deeply touching and accurate reading. It was a truly wonderful experience and I am just mesmerised with the personal care and sensitivity you apply to your gift.

You genuinely care about people, your ability and willingness to use your talent to help and guide is very unique.

Thank you once again and I sincerely hope I will have the pleasure to have another reading sometime soon.

Ben Era - Perth - WA

Testimonial: April 2016

I just had my reading with Ms Tique and although I have always believed some psychics can connect with the spirits I was truly amazed with her. She connected with 2 of my family members describing them perfectly, my sister passed over only 2 months ago and I knew Ms Tique was seeing her because she saw and knew things only we know without questions such as, my sister loved wheat bix and she saw her getting the cereal from the cupboard, and I had a car accident, again Ms Tique got that without a reference made within our talk. I left feeling at peace and knowing that our loved ones are here, nurturing us and happy.
Thank you Ms Tique , I can't thank you enough for sharing your gift and making our life that little bit brighter now that we will forever know that our loved ones are ok on the other side.
Judy G - Sydney - Australia