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Counselling Testimonials

Testimonial/Letter of Thanks - Oct 20, 2022

Good morning Ms Tique,


We are writing to you today to say our "much deserved Thank you" for all your help, care and advice on Tuesday night.

You were truly wonderful with our daughter, and cannot believe or thank you enough for the amount of hours you invested in being with our daughter, helping with the police and all the staff at the hospital.


We cannot string two sentences together right now and find it a bit easy to write to you.


It is with great sadness that we are advising you that she passed away this morning, peacefully we believe, and we were right by her side when she took her last breath.


Your compassion, your dignity on behalf of our beautiful daughter was nothing shy of outstanding and something we hold in high regard of you.

You didn't know any of us however, you were able to communicate with Bec and find out some important information that helped the police find and charge the person that treated her this bad.


We are so very upset and wonder if you would be able to come and be with us as we have to go through the next stage and we don't think we can let her go.

If you cannot, we truly understand.


My husband and I are so very grateful for you being here through the toughest time of our life and to see you spring into action and help us understand what Bec was trying to say, being able to alert others of how dire the situation was, was just incredible.

The mental health care team speak very highly of you as well.


Something else we would like to ask of you as well, if you don't mind?

This is hard to ask so early however, would you please speak on our behalf and on behalf of all at Bec's funeral.

We feel you are such a strong, caring and unique woman, we would love it if you could please consider that for us.

We know you formed a bond with Bec, you treated her with respect and dignity and for that we will be forever grateful.


We hope to see you here with us soon.

Please do not feel pressured, we are just in orr of your presence and respect for our beautiful Bec.


We know you will be upset too, but wanted to let you know as soon as we were able too.


Thank you for every single word and help that you gave. Thank you for holding Bec's hand and praying and keeping her calm in a very high stressful situation.

Thank you for all your time, your love and I have said before, all your respect to her and us.

Strangers we were on Tuesday but a strong bond today.


Thank you again.

Mr and Mrs

Testimonial August 2022

“Dear Ms Tique (Sexologist),

I wish to thank you for your help and your support throughout my ordeal and since.

You have the most compassionate heart, and you really do now how it feels to be violated but at the end of the day it is also all your after care.

Your insight as to what I needed to feel whole again, to feel like a woman, and to also feel like I am still sexy and to have people attracted to me.

It’s been such a long journey, but one I value so very much.

I never thought growing up that this sort of thing would happen to me and never ever thought that my body would be so damaged that I felt no one would ever want to be intimate with me again.

You are gentle, you are kind, you know when its ok to push my boundaries, you know when it’s time to put my feet forward to embrace all that I am.

It is not easy to talk about vagina’s, sex, masturbation, intimacy, penetration, and the likes however, with you it was natural. You helped me see me for who I am and not what happened to me and for that I could not be more grateful.

Thank you for your knowledge on exploring my body without feeling shamed. Life and what people think of me shouldn’t matter; however, I have never been able to freely discuss such issues, well they are not really issues but you know what I mean. With you, you just seem to know. You just seem to have this way about you, and I know I would like to be more like you, and I bet others do too.

Thank you for setting me free!

I feel empowered, I feel loved, I feel secure.

Thank you for all your help, your wealth of knowledge, your kindness and your care.

My life has changed for the better now.

God bless you.

I hope you enjoy the goodies – the very least I could do.

Forever in your debt.

Warmest regards Ellen”

Beacon Hill NSW August 2022

Testimonial Letter - July 15, 2022

"Dear Ms Tique Counsellor,

I am not sure what else to do right now other than write to you to express my unconditional gratitude for everything.
Today is a day I wish to forget but won't.
It has been the most stressful and frightening day I have ever encountered however, not as frightening as my daughters.

Thank you for being in command. I hope that word is not offensive but, I have never ever seen anything like how you approached our nightmare today.
I thought you were the nurse unit manager or the boss of ED the way you were in control of the situation.
You got rid of people that were not necessary, you had my daughter moved for privacy, you in a nice way dictated what my daughter needed, you helped the police officers do what they needed to do and you were calm but in control.
To find out your not even employed by the hospital was a shock to me. One nurse who I spoke too when you helped take my daughter for CT scanning called you "an angel in disguise!" I believe that.

My daughter is currently unrecognisable as you know however, whenever you walk back in the room or just change sides of her bed I can see her mouth move a little trying to smile at you and when you sit beside her to talk I see a few fingers moving to grasp your hand. Seeing that is incredible!
"Thank you"

It's been a long and exhausting day and all you asked for was a cup of tea.
That was also a turning point for myself too, you removed me for about 10 minutes to have a cuppa and you helped me calm and understand what I have ahead of me and what I can expect with the law and so forth.
You are a breath of fresh air, I don't know how you do it but, I am so bloody grateful you do!

I would like to let you know that we will take up your offer of help to get us through these horrific circumstances.

Thank you for instantly arranging an AVO on my daughters behalf and I am relieved my soon to be ex son in law has been charged.

As you are aware my daughter is now sedated so her body can rest before tomorrow's big surgery, the first of many.

I truly want you to know how very grateful myself and my family are to have you in command today. My husband and I have shed tears in disbelief.

Thank you doesn't feel or sound enough for all your help, your kindness, your knowledge and the fight to get my daughter the very best of care and a list of care lined up for her a bit later on, my goodness it's all so overwhelming.
We love what you called your business because that is what you did - you aspired to inspire us today! Perfect name, congratulations.

I know you said you would be back at the crack of dawn to see her before surgery and we will have breakfast and a cup of tea waiting for you, the very least we can do.

See you soon.
Warmest regards

Sylvia" Brookvale - NSW - 2100

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