Yoni Pleasure Palace
Yoni Pleasure Palace is an Australian-owned empire supplying 100% natural, pristine crystal Yoni eggs  to women all over the world.

Our mission is to invoke a sense of sacredness into women's  senses and increase your pelvic floor muscles without even thinking about it!

Yoni eggs are solid crystal and therefore once inserted the healing power of the crystal is beyond control. I have never had such enlightenment such as the power to "Heal Within"

Yoni also has a range of other products but as a Empath and Healer, I highly recommend the Yoni Eggs!

You will be so pleased you did !

Ask me about all the benefits of these unique and amazing eggs!

Yoni is also about awakening self eroticism, femininity, pleasure and thus, her power.

Each stone is a unique, hand-crafted work of art and, with intention, has the potential to awaken more sensitivity, sensuality and aliveness in a woman's Yoni, womb & sexuality.

"Enlightenment is found in the Yoni."

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       "The Sexual Happiness People"
Are you aware some of your self worth talk stems from your sexuality?
If you have been bullied, or had a past trauma in your life this too can take a toll on how you see yourself sexually.
Do you feel your not sexually attractive to anyone.........
Here is a way to explore either on your own or with your partner.
Being sexually active no matter what your age can help you in more ways than 1!
Start a new journey today of adding sexual awakening to your daily living.
You will be so glad you did.
At Lovehoney we offer you Free Delivery with orders over $60
Customer service team available 24/7....
1 year warranty on every product we sell.
Talk to me if you want to explore your sexual awakening and if you have any concerns around this.
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Ms Tique - Yoni Health & Sexual Therapist
Click the link to start exploring your new journey.........

Created by Ms Tique - 2016

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