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Robyn Hinson – Ms Tique Psychic Medium, Empowerment Coach & Holistic Counsellor.

SYDNEY – AUSTRALIA - Fearless Woman of Inspiration


Dear Sir or Madam, 


My name is Rob, I have known Robyn Hinson (to be known as Robbie from here on) for forty years. 


Through that time, I have seen Robbie go through times that would have made me crumble. 


Her insight in to life's hurdles knows no boundaries, I have seen Robbie go from a netball player, mistreated teenager (and child as I understand it), a solid gold dancer, a battered housewife, struggling single mum to the superb woman she is today. Her spirit, her determination in the face of all she has endured, is simply an inspiration. 


Robbie has given to me, as a friend and also someone that desperately needed help, nothing but love, encouragement, and most of all, a guiding light. My beautiful wife passed away 3 years ago, Robbie knew her as well and helped her in difficult times without hesitation. Nothing was any drama for Robbie.

This was a time in my life, where it didn't matter to me if I lived or didn't. There was a day that I almost did take my life, and Robbie picked up her phone on here way to work, she had me for 4 hours that day and kept encouraging me the  entire way as I drove  myself to the hospital under her instructions and she even spoke to the Triage nurse.


It mattered to Robbie – I mattered to Robbie


She gave me her time, her insightfulness, and gave me hope. She saved my life !!

I do not understate that, she is the very reason I am here today.

Her influence on my life can not be understated. I am deeply grateful, exceptionally proud, and most of all, extremely lucky to have a friend the quality of Robbie. 


I speak not only just for me, I know many other people that would testify to my sentiments here. Robbie is an exceptionally well loved, and admired member of our community. 


I have nothing but total love, total respect, and just pure adoration of what Robbie has done for me. 


With Robbie what you see is what you get, and she makes no apologises for that. She has overcome some of the most damaging and life-threatening circumstances and still works so much on helping others with a smile that lights up a room.

This woman is my idol along with my hero and I would do anything for her in my lifetime.

In 2018 I attended an awards night with her where she was acknowledged by being chosen as a Finalist in the Australian Small Business Champions! What an awesome achievement and a testament in itself for the kind of woman Robbie is.

She was very humbled, and it was such an exciting night at The Star in Sydney but what and honour to be chosen amongst thousands to be awarded a finalist. It was such an amazing night.

Robbie didn’t win the big prize but I know she felt like a star that night and the star’s certainly shone on her. She was awarded a finalist last year as well.  This woman just defies all the odd’s that are thrown at her and just excels in all that she does and all that she touches.

I wish Robyn – Ms Tique (Robbie) all the success in the world. This woman truly deserves a medal for just being her and showing up all the time……

She is a champion in my eyes.

She is my rock. She breathes air in to me. She is a unique, and completely selfless woman. 


All accolades heaped upon Robbie, even though she would not like it at all, are totally deserved and completely warranted. 


She is my friend, and saviour. Thank you so much Robbie 


Your friend and No1 fan, forever – no matter what !

We can map out our leadership by the ways in which we empower others:

By helping them reach new heights.

As a leader you share your knowledge and your wisdom. You make a point of investing time and resources to show your people that you believe in them, and it’s a win-win situation for all. Your job is to see the potential, find out what they lack to develop it, and equip them with what they need.

By appreciating them:


Everyone wants to feel that they count for something and are important to someone. People will work harder, and work more, for those who care about them, and their trust will earn you respect.

By having the right attitude:


If you want to be successful at empowering people, you need to be mindful of how you show up, how you respond and react, and how you deal with conflict. Attitudes are contagious—and that fact is especially important when you’re working to empower others.

By sharing information and giving them what they need:

The best leaders think about what their people need to do their jobs well. You can’t just take for granted that they have all that they need; you engage and share information and give them the knowledge and tools they need to be successful.

By modeling the way of empowerment:


The best leaders let others see, hear, and experience what empowerment is. They are mindful of their attitude, their moods, and their ethics—aware that people are looking to them to set an example.

By grooming others for leadership:


When you groom others you are transferring authority to them, allowing them to share in the load, and giving them opportunity to lead. In empowering them you’re ultimately working toward the day when you can hand over the baton.

Just about everyone has the potential to empower others. Start looking for opportunities today, and see your leadership grow.

Lead From Within:


When you empower people, you’re influencing not only them, but also all the people they will influence in turn through their leadership.

"That is empowering."

Much love......

Ms Tique xxx

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