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Robyn is a qualified Psychotherapist and Holistic Counsellor based in Dee Why in Sydney's Northern Beaches with over 40 years of experience from working one-on-one counselling to conducting seminars and implementing  strategies to companies to improve care, mental health and well-being for their staff.

Robyn is well known in the local community and is also well known worldwide for her achievements and her successes in her career.

Robyn has an eye for detail and is top  of her game when it comes to creativity and implementation of the most up to date methods of treatment and care plans for clients.

Robyn has spent many years supporting and helping Domestic Violence victims and their families including helping them take back their identity, self esteem and self worth.

Robyn also has great success with clients with past trauma
These two fields are very sensitive and Robyn prides herself in going the extra mile to ensure her clients feel safe, heard and helped in every sense of the words.

Covid-19 has created enormous challenges in the workplace. Stress levels and anxiety are higher than they have ever been before. The world as we know it will never be the same again and we need to change with the times and change how we do business and look after our staff and ourselves.

You won’t find a more caring, warm honest, diligent and passionate psychotherapist than Robyn. Her experience and expertise shines through. She is results driven with high integrity with a compassion built from years of helping people through their most difficult times.
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Australian Small Business Champions
Awards 2022
Best Health Improvement Service Business
Northern Beaches Local Business Awards 2022
Most Outstanding Professional Services Business &
Most Outstanding Business Person
of the Year 2022
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